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Black Magic Tattoo, located in Automobile Alley OKC, has been dedicated to client satisfaction and comfort.  since we opened our doors in 2016. Every Artist is willing to work with your ideas and not afraid to challenge you to build a better concept or idea, so that you walk away loving your new tattoo for years to come. Please click a picture below to view our portfolios via Instagram. We would love for you to join our social media by clicking the Facebook and Instagram links in the upper left of the heading.  


Picking an artist is important. Please contact your artist via their email buttons below their picture.
Matt Gibson
ben Safley
Matt Gibson

for January 2024

Books are open.


Things you will need
Dial Antibacterial Soap, Surran Wrap, Aquaphor

Day 1 After getting tattooed, leave bandage or Surran Wrap on until you get home, Gently wash tattoo in a warm water 

with you r antibacterrial soap, dab dry, and leave alone until your ready for bed. Apply small amount of Aquaphor on tattoo, then cover with Surran Wrap so it doesn't stick to your sheets. Wear clothing to bed to bed to keep Surran Wrap in place. ( Ace bandages work great for this.)

Day 2 - 14  Wash daily. If you sweat, wash it then also. Apply Aquaphor 2-3 times daily to insure you are moisturizing you tattoo. It will peel like a sunburn peels. Don't pick or scratch during this process.  Do not submerge tattoo under any kind of water for 2 weeks. Showers are fine. Do not get excessive UV light on tattooed area. It will fade the colors and make your tattoo not look so fabulous. If you like your tattoo and want to last for a while, put strong SPF on it while in the sun. 

First sign of an infection please contact us and maybe see a physician.

Contact Us

Pick an artist to email, it helps us greatly.

26 NE 10th St Suite B

Oklahoma City OK 73104

Tel: 405-601-8004

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